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Here is our newest feature as we add cats we will split up this page into logical groups; Kittens, Pets, Grands, CFA, TICA, FiFe, GCCF, ect. Click on the pictures to see a full sized version. Here is how to add your Cat to the Beautiful Birmans Gallery

GC Quailridge’s Da Vinci
Photo Tetsu

CFA Grand Champion Regional Winner Quailridge’s Da Vinci  
Sire: Grand Champion Forevermore Celtic Legacy
Dam:  Champion Charleval Carrie Anne of Quailridge
Seal Point Male
Breeder/Owner: Phil-Pam Soth
Photo by Tetsu was taken when Da Vinci was 7 months old! 
Visit us at: Quailridge Birmans

CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premier Chiritan Red Talisman of Khaleas
Breeder: U. Nummela-Salo & P. Salo
Owner: Jennie Lindqvist
Born: Nov. 13, 2000
Sire: EC Belagian Dracula
Dam: EC Eklundens Princesse
Dale is the first red point to become a Grand Champion in CFA.

CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premier Chiritan Red Talisman of Khaleas
Photo Chanan

Photo Chanan

CFA Grand Premier, Rrgional Winner Pennyrock's Bada Bing Bada Boom  
Maggie Freeland of Pennyrock Birmans in NJ
Seal Point Premier
2nd Best Birman in Premiership Nationally  &
14th Best Cat in Premiership in the North Atlantic Region 2005-2006

CFA Grand Premier Taron's Pooka
Sire: Champion Maskats Mad Max of Taron
Dam: Champion Taron's Naomi
Breeder/Owner: Nora & Ronald Thayer
Seal Point Male Born: 8/31/1992
Taron Birmans Very first Grand!
Visit us at: Taron Birmans

 GRP Taron's Pooka
Photo Larry Johnson

Photo Chanan

CFA Grand Champion Taron's Whisper Sweet Nothings
Sire: Champion Taron's Virtual Reality
Dam: Champion Heartbir's Uncola of Taron, DM
Breeder/Owner: Nora & Ron Thayer
Lilac Lynx Female Born: Sept 14, 1999
CFA's Very First Lilac Lynx Grand Champion
Visit us at: Taron Birmans

CFA Champion Heartbirs Uncola of Taron D.M.
Sire: Grand Champion Jinbirlee's Shadow of Heartbir
Dam: Champion Heartbir Querida Mi Amor
Blue Point Female Born 5/4/1997
Breeder: Barb Thurman Owner: Nora & Ronald Thayer
Uncola is Taron Birmans and Heartbir Birmans First DM!
Visit us at: Taron Birmans

CFA Champion Heartbirs Uncola of Taron D.M.
Photo Chanan

Hill Street

1985 - 86 Best of Breed CFA Grand Champion Oxdowne Hill Street Blue
Sire: Oxdowne Alfie
Dam: Grand International Champion Toccata's Flora Dora of Oxdowne
Breeder/Owner: Betty Cowles
Blue Point Male Born 5/23/1984
Father of Oxdowne Khalea of Taron, Thanks Betty and Bud for getting us started!

CFA Grand Champion Cincicatti Shogun of Taron
Sire: Grand Champion, Regional Winner Cincicatti Pooh Bear of Elfheim
Dam: Champion Forgecrest Pavlova of Cincicatti
Breeder: Jan and Curt Gabbard Owner: Nora & Ronald Thayer
Blue Point Male Born: April 4, 1995
Our Hero and a very sweet Boy
Visit us at: Taron Birmans

GC Cincicatti Shogun of Taron
Photo Chanan

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